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1 Fuzzy Logic / Neural Network

i. Knowledge Representation.

ii. Artificial Neural Network and Reinforcement Learning.

2 Big Data Analysis

i. Software frame work with java.

ii. Analysis and Execution of Big Data.

iii. Semantic Net.

iv. Data Mining

3 Artificial Intelligence and Expert System

i. Information Retrieval

ii. Bio Inspired Computing like Ant Colony Optimization , Particle Swarm Optimization etc.

iii. Pattern Recognition.

iv. Face recognition.

v. Speech recognition.

vi. Robotics and gaming.

vii. Machine Intelligence

4 Cryptography and Cyber Security

i. Networking .

ii. Information and System Security.

iii. Nature inspired algorithm in Cyber Security.

iv. Database privacy and security.

v. Cryptographic game theory.

vi. Detection , Prevention & Avoidance of threats.

vii. Cyber Security.

viii. Information and System Security

5 Cloud Computing

i. Virtualization

ii. Secure mobile cloud

iii. Secure cloud architecture

iv. Cloud access control and key management

v. Verifiable computation

vi. Scheduling for resource optimization

6 Mobile Computing & E-commerce

i. E-governance

ii. Bar code generation

iii. Mobile phone tracking

iv. Digital encryption system.

v. Mobile Ad-hoc network.

vi. E-cops

vii. ERP system

viii. Mobile data communication ( LTE , LTE – Advanced).

ix. Quality of services (QoS) And All related research trend in vehicular mobile

7 Statistical analysis in management research

i. Mean , Standard Deviation.

ii. Chi – Square test.

iii. Factor analysis.

iv. Cluster analysis

8 Parallel & Distributed Computing

Parallel & Distributed Computing

9 Internet of Things (IoT)

i. IoT and Ubiquitous Computing.

ii. Smart sensor.

iii. Wearable technology & personalized health care.

iv. Internet and Web Application.

10 Distributed Database

i. Distributed Database

11 Grid / Cluster Computing

Grid / Cluster Computing

12 Data Structure, Algorithm and Simulation

Data Structure, Algorithm and Simulation

13 Digital image processing / signal processing

Digital image processing / signal processing

14 Software engineering & CASE study

i. Automated software engineering

15 Natural Language processing

i. Natural Language processing

16 Computer Ad-hoc Network

i. Computer Ad-hoc Network

17 High performance computing

i. Parallel optimization using multi core HPC

18 Heterogeneous computing

i. Heterogeneous computing

19 Algorithm

i. Algorithm

20 Recent trends in communication

i. Image processing

ii. Video processing

iii. Information theory and coding

iv. VLSI for digital signal processing

v. Wireless sensor network

21 SMART technologies for natural resources ,Renewable energy devices for innovative technologies & services.

i. SMART technologies for natural resources ,Renewable energy devices for innovative technologies & services.

22 Computer Architecture and Computer Vision

i. Computer Architecture and Computer Vision

23 Multimedia Applications

Multimedia Applications

NOTE- The range of above mentioned topics are not limited . You can add further topic related to the above mentioned field as per your interest.