!! ETHPC 2017 final paper submission is closed

Procedural Guidelines

Welcome to ETHPC17 In order to submit a paper through this website, you would need to follow a simple 3-step procedure listed below.

  1. To register, visit the weblink .http://fgiet.in/registration
  2. In case you don't receive the confirmation email, please send your paper using your mail ID, at ethpc17@fgiet.ac.in .

Step 2 : Upload Paper - To login click here.

Step 3 :Submit Paper - You can now submit your paper using the Submit Paper link. Please note that all your co-authors must be members of this website and while submitting the paper you would need to provide their Mail Id.

Author's Guideline :

  • Plagiarism Policy : The ETHPC17 team will be checking plagiarism level of all the submitted papers for ensuring the originality of content using Plagiarism checker tool. For more information Click here...